Helping Our Heroes

How do you compensate someone for freely giving up their health and well being for you?  When it comes to our soldiers and their sacrifice’s, we can make certain they have the services and support they need to live the life they deserve.” – Jeff Bush

The Jeff Bush team is a proud supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project. The hope and vision of Wounded Warrior is to see the wounded service members in our country be the most successful and right-minded generation. The program does this through campaigns that bring awareness to the needs of these injured military members and programs that provide assistance to meet the needs of all injured members as well as their families.

With over 11,000 family members and over 70,000 veterans, Wounded Warrior Project is one of the largest organizations aiding and helping this group of injured service members. Through the support and donations of groups like this, our service members and their families are able to gain scholarships, join educational groups and recovery programs thanks to supporters like you and I. We are proud to give back to this amazing program and to make a difference in the lives of these great men and women.


To learn more visit the Wounded Warrior Project Website at:



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