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American Cornerstones

What if the key to understanding our present could be found in a more thorough understanding of our past?  The American Cornerstones series helps readers gain perspective on today’s issues by helping them better understand their history.

Jeff’s unique ability to look at history and then decode what is relevant, interesting and useful enables him to provide his readers with an approachable, multifaceted means to understand the issues that faced our nation then, and today.

In his first book of the series, Jeff explores the role of the federal government by taking his readers back to the genesis of the issue in post-Revolutionary War America, giving them a glimpse of the actions and ideas of the men who started that debate – George Washington, Andrew Hamilton, and Thomas Jefferson.

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“American Cornerstone” is a gem! Short and crystal clear- focused. Has anyone else noticed the flurry of interest recently in the people and events surrounding the formation of our government in the post-revolutionary period? Hamilton, Jefferson, Washington… The seminal events of our nation have been revitalized by our absolute fascination with the current political process. Have we changed or are we almost exactly the same? Do the cultural and political forces that originally separated us still fuel the tensions the forge our current political process? This book has the tone of a friend reminding us of something very familiar.
– Steve R.

“I really enjoyed reading American Cornerstones about our founding fathers and how they helped shaped our country.  I learned more in an hour and a half than I learned in my 50 years.  Your story telling approach will help me retain.”
– Tracy B.

“I really enjoyed your book. A quick read with a ton of information. I learned things that I did not learn in school. It ought to be required reading in schools. Great job. Can’t wait for the next one.”
– Steve J.

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