Valuable Non-partisan Political Information

This content was written for Jeff Bush

Valuable Non-partisan Political Information.

How likely is it that someone would just stumble upon vital non-partisan political information? And even if you did it would probably be so complicated that you could not simplify it to make it useful. You need someone that can simplify this complicated information and make it useful so that it can be implemented in everyday business. Jeff Bush is the best-known nonpartisan political speaker around. Go to his website at to book him today.

Jeff Bush is your automatic go-to for keynote non-partisan political speaking. Jeff Bush is known for translating political noise into useful and tactical information that helps investors and business owners understand how was happening in Washington, DC affects them. Tax code changes can tremendously affect your business budget and without the proper advice you might not be able to mitigate that risk. Jeff Bush is speaking topics include non-partisan analysis of the political environment, tax reform, presidential elections, the affordable care act, and more. He makes it his duty to make sure business owners, executive teams, and high income investors are informed on how to better prepare their organizations to succeed in smoothly transition through evolving marketplace changes.

Jeb Bush prides themselves in giving his audiences a six-month leave on the likely end results of political deliberations in Washington DC and make sure they know how to deal with the changes in tax code. Jeff Bush actually successfully predicted the 2012 presidential election 14 months before it happened. He even predicted the outcome of the fiscal cliff that led to the single largest tax increase in dollar terms in all of US history. This is the kind of spectacular advice that he provides to his clients to help prepare them for political changes that would ultimately impact their bottom line. This is the kind of nonpartisan political speaker you need for your organization events.

Jeff has been in this business since for over 28 years and has gained the most knowledge and experience which even provides through his keynote speaking services. Through this career he spent 10 years at Merrill Lynch, was the youngest managing partner in history at the New England financial, and managed a $50 billion business. All of this stemmed from his start at Principal Financial Group. He attended William Jewell College for his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management, and has since then received many industry awards, and leadership accolades. He is also one of the founders of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum.

Jeff Bush just loves to continually fulfill his mission of advising companies like MetLife, Prudential, and SunTrust on how to prepare their organizations for success in a most evolving marketplace. His presentation will bring value to your clients and reinforced your existing client relationships with them. They will be ignited and eager to learn more about how to stay prepared for tax code changes and political changes. Just give him a lapel microphone, projector, and the screen and he will work his magic. To find out more information on how to book non–partisan political speaker. Jeff Bush today by going to

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

A Non-partisan Approach to Politics.

Do you want to understand the nonpartisan aspects of politics and how it can affect your business? Are you interested in how tax codes in political elections can affect the success of your business growth? It’s great to be ahead with this important information so that you can smoothly transition through the changes. Jeff Bush is one of the best known keynote nonpartisan political speakers in the country. Book him for your next event by going to

His unique ability to break down and simplify difficult and complicated political and tax information and make it useful for everyday business has gained him the strong reputation as being one of the best and nonpartisan political speaking. He is very insightful and ignites and eager desire to learn more in his audience members. He is one of the very few non-partisan speakers in today’s economy and political theater. He is known for extracting unnecessary partisan views in getting directly to the facts and information. He will definitely leave his audience more motivated and inspired to promote positive change and progression in their organization.

Is great to be ahead of everyone else with vital information they can help you better prepare for future changes. His clients benefit tremendously from this vital information as they are always more prepared than others for upcoming changes. He predicted the 2012 election 14 months prior to its actual event. This is just one of the mind-boggling and tremendous ways that he benefits his clients. Tax codes can quickly disrupt business budgets when they change and non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush provides the proper advice to get you prepared and mitigate that risk.

Jeff Bush has on the most knowledge and experience being in the financial industry are over 28 years. In his professional life, he has been the youngest managing partner in the 150 year history to this day of New England Financial, had a successful 10 year career with Merrill Lynch, managed a $50 billion business, and helped found the Tulsa Air and Space Museum. He has also served ss Vice President and Board Member of Education of Starbase Oklahoma, Which Is in Educational Outreach Program for at risk. Elementary school children through Air National Guard. He is definitely the business growth and finance guru. His speaking topics include the affordable care act, tax reform, presidential elections, a nonpartisan analysis of the political environment, and more.

Business owners, leaders, and investors love how he consults with them to help them proactively prepare their organizations for these tax code changes and evolving marketplace. All he needs is a screen, projector, and lapel microphone and he will definitely capture the attention of your audience, show them value, and reinforce your existing client relationships with them. Non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush continues to get great reviews and satisfied clients. He is ready and available to help get your organization fully equipped to deal with business life changes. To find out more information on how to book him visit today.