Your Ideal Non-partisan Political Speaker

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

Your Ideal Non-partisan Political Speaker

Have you been trying to get the point across to the members of your organization about how politics affects business? Are you seeking someone more knowledgeable about politics and how it specifically affects business? At your next big event you should book an igniting keynote speaker to inform the members of your organization. The best person for that job is keynote speaker Jeff Bush. To find out more on how to book him for your next event visit

Jeff Bush is a state-of-the-art keynote speaker that provides his services for companies and organizations that want to understand all of the aspects and landscaping of politics. He possesses the unique ability to take complicated fiscal and tax information and transform it into information useful to your organization in business growth and how politics can affect them. Jeff Bush speaks at over 200 events yearly and has spoken for companies such as Wells Fargo, Bank of America, MetLife, and Merrill Lynch to name a few. Your audience will definitely be inspired and more educated after hearing Jeff Bush speak. Jeff Bush has been an analyst on POTUS Sirius/XM radio as well as features in Investment News.

Non-partisan political Speaker Jeff Bush has been in the investment business for over 28 years, spending 18 year career at Merrill Lynch, managing a $50 billion business, and being the youngest managing partner of The New England Financial. He has worked with over 7500 financial advisors to create effective risk mitigation approaches, and creative investment strategies for corporate and private clients. Jeff Bush received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management from William Jewell College. He has shared the stage, with several notables such as former Tennessee Congressman Harold Ford Jr., Ron Insana who is a former CNBC senior analyst and currently reporter for Market Scoreboard, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Chief Investment Ofc. Jeffrey Applegate. Is definitely the right keynote speaker to inform the organization on the business of politics.

Jeff Bush is well known for helping his audience prepare their business owners and investors for changes in taxes and politics with a six-month lead on likely outcomes. His non-partisan and realistic approach to informing his audiences is unmatched. It brings them joy to help organizations succeed in preparing for the evolving marketplace. Whether it’s the affordable care act, 2016 election, tax reform, or just a simple non-partisan analysis of the political environment, you can get all the information you need through Jeff Bush. He is simply great at breaking down complicated information for his audience in providing usable and practical takeaways that they can use in everyday business.

You won’t find a better non-partisan political Speaker to ignite your audience and inform them on taxes and politics than Jeff Bush. Business owners and investors love his seminars and presentations that bring value to their clients and reinforce their existing client relationships. Witness the informative and dynamic keynote speaking provided by Jeff Bush. He is so ready to help get your organization informed on how to better business to politics. Visit his website today to find out more at

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

Perfect for Political Speaking.

You have an event coming up for your business, organization? Do you need a sparkful and dynamic speaker to ignite your audience? Do you need a speaker was going to speak to the masses about business growth, investing, and politics? You need keynote speaker Jeff Bush for your non-partisan political speaker. Find out how to book him for your next event by going to

Jeff Bush is a most dynamic is an igniting keynote speaker. He stands out above the rest of his competition with his unique ability to transform difficult and confusing information into very useful and understandable information. When it comes to tax and fiscal information that comes out of Washington, he is great at translating this information into growth strategies for successful growth strategies for executives, business owners, and high net worth investors. His speaking topics in are based on tax reform, the affordable care act, the 2016 election, nonpartisan analysis of the current political environment, and how all of these topics affect business owners and retirees. He consistently consulted with business owners, executive teams, and individuals with high incomes to give them the information they need to proactively and successfully prepare the organizations for success in this evolving marketplace.

As a non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush does more than 200 presentations the year worldwide. He has a very wide client base which includes several Fortune 500 firms from Wall Street on the way to Main Street. Jeff Bush has been in the financial industry for 28 years, and has shared the stage with several notables over the years. He spent a 10 year career at Merrill Lynch and provided effective risk mitigation approaches and creative investment strategies to corporate and private clients across the country. This led him to eventually managing a $50 million business after being the youngest managing partner of New England Financial, which is a tax risk and investment consulting firm.

Jeff Bush attended William Jewell College and received a bachelors degree in Business Administration and Management with very much expertise in accounting and philosophy. Over the years he has received many industry awards, leadership accolades, and set performance records. He is solely dedicated to helping others reach their personal as well as their professional goals. Jeff Bush is known for translating political data into useful information that helps investors and business owners understand how politics affects them. He is great at giving his audience a six-month head start on the likely outcomes of future political liberations in Washington so they can better prepare for the changes in tax code.

Jeff Bush is a keynote speaker who cuts through all the partisan gibberish and make sure his audience knows what can realistically be done with a nonpartisan approach. He has built himself a great reputation as being possibly the best keynote nonpartisan political speaker in the industry. Let him informed your organization on how to better themselves and ride the political waves. You will not regret booking him for your next big event. Let him help you inform your people by visiting