Vital Political Information for Your Organization

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

Vital Political Information for Your Organization.

Knowing certain political and tax information that affects your business is very important. Elections, politics, and tax changes can tremendously affect your business, and is very important to know how to push through it. This can be very complicated information as you need someone to simplify it so it can be used in everyday business. Keynote non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush can definitely help you perform this task. Visit to find out how to book him for your next event.

Jeff Bush is an excellent keynote speaker who ignites his audiences with useful and important information regarding taxes and politics. He takes joy in making sure companies and organizations understand all of the aspects of the political landscape. Though it’s difficult to find a nonpartisan speaker in today’s political theater in economy, Jeff Bush has built a great reputation as being one of the best non-. Partisan speakers in the country. He is known for leaving his audience members motivated and inspired to promote change and political awareness in their organization. He cuts out all the unnecessary fluff that’s involved with politics and gets straight down to the useful information that you need.

Jeff Bush possesses a unique ability to translate confusing and difficult fiscal and tax information that comes straight out of Washington DC and turning it into useful growth strategies that business owners and investors can implement in everyday business. He is a colleague of Andy Friedman and plays a vital part of The Washington Update which are the non-partisan experts when it comes to Washington DC. He has been in the financial business for over 28 years and performs over 200 presentations across the country a year. His thought-provoking and inciting approach to his audiences captures their attention and makes them more eager to learn this important information. There is no better keynote non-partisan political speaker for your organization.

Jeff Bush attended William Jewell College, where he received his Bachelors of Science In Business Administration and Management. He worked for Merrill Lynch 14 years providing private and corporate clients with creative investment strategies and effective risk mitigation approaches. Then on one to be the youngest managing partner in history of the New England Financial. Over the years he has received many leadership accolades and industry awards, and was managing a $50 billion company by the end of his career on Wall Street. He will tell you that to him. The real reward is his opportunity to help other professionals reach their goals.

So when it comes to an most effective non-partisan political speaker. You should definitely be utilizing the services provided by Jeff Bush. He will break down the most complicated yet important information in making it simple and understandable. So audience members can implement it in their everyday lives in business. Get the members of your organization ahead of the pack with this very useful information. Find out how to book Jeff Bush for you next organization event by going to

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

Ignite Your Audience with Keynote Speaking.

When you like your organization to be better informed and educated on politics in taxes? It would be better for your business growth to know more about politics and how they can affect your taxes in business. When it comes to the 2016 election it would be great to know what specific views would benefit or affect your business. Utilize the services provided by Keynote nonpartisan political speaker Jeff Bush. To find out how to book them for your next event visit

Jeff Bush has built a high reputation as being one of the best keynote speakers in the country. He is well known for simplifying complicating political information regarding taxes in business and in forming business leaders and investors, mobile politics and taxes can affect their business. He is known for being the most passionate and dynamic keynote speaker involving politics and information from Washington DC. He makes this information useful and implementable into his audiences everyday business. Jeff Bush speaks at over 200 events a year, which includes clients like Prudential, Transamerica, MetLife, US Trust, SunTrust, Merrill Lynch, and more.

Jeff Bush, Jeb Bush has been in the financial industry for over 28 years and has used his forward thinking and strategic abilities and skill to earn several industry awards, leadership accolades, and helped thousands reach their personal and professional goals. He is great at giving his audience a six month head start on future political changes, and actually, very accurately, predicted the outcome of the 2012 presidential election, as well as the Republican sweep in Congress in 2014. He is definitely the most knowledgeable nonpartisan political speaker for your organization. Jeff Bush has been featured in Investment News, and continuously uses knowledge to educate business owners and investors. He has shared the stage with many notable individuals such as Harold Ford Junior, Jeffrey Applegate, and Ron Insana.

Jeff Bush obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management from William Jewell College. He later spent 10 years at Merrill Lynch providing creative investment strategies and effective risk mitigation approaches to corporate and private clients through over 7500 financial advisors. He was the youngest managing partner in history of the New England Financial investment in task risk consulting firm, and ended up managing a $50 billion business. Audience members feel a sense of value from their organization leaders when they hear Jeff Bush speak. Audience members feel like the leader of their organization really cares for their growth and success by hiring such a speaker as Jeff Bush.

The members of your organization need to be well educated and fed. This is very useful information. Jeff Bush is great at providing information that his audience members can use in their everyday business practices. He will ignite the eagerness to grow and learn more about business in your organization members. It brings him joy to help business leaders and investors learn more to better succeed in future business through the tax and political changes. Find out how to get your organization members more informed by non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush today by visiting for booking.