Non-Partisan Political Speaker to the Stars

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

Non-Partisan Political Speaker to the Stars.

Have you found out how tax code and political elections can affect your everyday business? Have you been trying to get this information across to your organization members? This is a very complicated topic and the information can be hard to digest. You need a great keynote speaker who can break down and simplify this information making it useful and easy for everyday use. Find out how to book excellent keynote non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush for your next event at the

Jeff Bush is known for motivating and inspiring audience members to enact and promote change an organization with a great awareness of political and tax issues. It can be very difficult to find a nonpartisan speaker in today’s political theater at economy, but Jeff Bush has made his mark as one of the best in the business. He has built a strong reputation with his unique ability to take complicated tax and fiscal information and transform it into simplified growth strategies which make business owners and investors successful. Being a part of the non-partisan experts of To Washington Update alongside of Andy Friedman makes him one of the most qualified nonpartisan speakers to ever speak at your event. The reason he is a great non-partisan political speaker is because he takes a direct approach to cutting out the unnecessary partisan complications in getting directly to the vital information.

Jeff Bush ended his career at Wall Street managing a $50 billion company. He actually helped found the Tulsa Air and Space Museum and served on the Board of Directors. He also served as vice president of education, as well as board member of Starbase Oklahoma, which is an educational outreach program for the air National Guard. He attended William Jewell College and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administrating and Management. He also was the youngest managing partner of New England Financial in their own hundred 50 year history, and worked for 10 years for Merrill Lynch.

Jeff Bush speaks at over 200 events a year, and has a client base that includes businesses such as Prudential, MetLife, Transamerica, SunTrust, US Trust, and many more. He is also shared stage with many notable individuals. Such as Dr. David Kelly, Ron Insana, Eric Stein, and Harold Ford Jr. Jeff Bush has a client list with many Fortune 500 firms from Main Street to Wall Street and continues to build his reputation as one of the best keynote speakers in the country. He holds a specific expertise in philosophy and accounting and mixes it with his 28 years of financial industry experience. He loves nothing more than helping business owners and investors reach their personal and professional goals.

If everyone in your organization knew this important information that Jeff Bush has to offer your company would do more than thrive, but they would boom into success! Having the advantage of a head start in future political and tax changes can help you succeed through the hardships of business. Jeff Bush successfully predicted the 2012 presidential election 14 months in advance and can help you predict and prepare for changes that come ahead. Jeff Bush wants to help the members of your organization learn what needs to be done to prepare and smoothly transition through tax and political changes in this evolving marketplace. Visit today to find out how to book him for your next event.

This content was written for Jeff Bush

Your Important Political and Tax Information.

Are you aware of how the presidential election or changes in tax code can affect your business? Would you like to have somewhat of a head start or prediction on future changes in tax code and politics? Knowing this vital information can help your business succeed in the future of this evolving marketplace. Non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush is definitely the right person to inform your organization. Find out how to book this incredible keynote speaker by visiting today.

Jeff Bush has been in the financial industry for more than 28 years. He actually started his career at Principal Financial Group where he ended up in areas of research and development after handling complex underwriting issues. He was the first youngest managing partner in the 150 years of history at New England Financial. He obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management from William Jewell College and has a specific expertise in accounting and philosophy. Over the years he has earned several leadership accolades and awards and by the end of his Wall Street career was managing a $50 billion business.

He has built a strong reputation as being one the best keynote non-partisan political speaker on politics in the business. His experience and insight on political and tax information from Washington DC has been most helpful to business leaders and investors across the country. Tax codes can change over a course of months and it’s important to know how these changes can affect your business. Most people don’t know how they can quickly disrupt your budget and without the proper advice on how to mitigate the risk, it could be detrimental. Jeff Bush grabs his audience members attention with a non-partisan approach and ignites their curiosity and desire to learn more.

He is known for “trimming the fat” and getting directly to the facts that he is audience members need to know. He possesses a great ability to translate difficult and complicated fiscal and tax information into successful growth strategies for executives, business owners, and investors. He and Andy Friedman our colleagues of the Washington Update, which consist of the non-partisan experts on Washington DC. Jeff Bush does over 200 presentations the year across the country and speaks for clients such as Merrill Lynch, Prudential, MetLife, and more. Your audience members will definitely be inspired and motivated to learn more on how to be successful when it comes to taxes and politics in their business.

Non-partisan political speaking can be hard to come by, but you found the best of the best in keynote and taxes can affect their business on the daily. Once they find out how much this can affect them, they automatically want to know how to succeed through these tax code changes. Get the keynote speaker. They can break down the complicated and difficult information and simplify it for your organization members’ better understanding. Jeff Bush can’t wait to come and help spark interest in growth in your organization and give them tools they can implement in everyday business. Book Jeff Bush for your next event today by visiting