Get Prepared for Tax Code Changes.

This content was written for Jeff Bush

Get Prepared for Tax Code Changes.

It would be great to have a head start on upcoming tax code changes that will affect your taxes and business. This way you could make a smooth transition through the upcoming changes and achieve success. It is hard to find this vital information as it must be extracted from unnecessary partisan information. Non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush is great at breaking down this information and simplifying it to use in everyday business. Find out how to get this important information from him by visiting

It is very difficult in today’s political theater, and economy to find a non-partisan speaker. Keynote speaker Jeff Bush is much more than that. He is a dynamic, informative, and insightful speaker that has the great ability to decode confusing and difficult tax information that comes out of Washington DC and make it useful for his audiences everyday business life. Starting at Principal Financial Group, he started a career that would gain him over 28 years of the best financial industry knowledge and experience. He has since then had a 10 year career with Merrill Lynch, been a managing partner of The New England Financial, and managed a $50 Billion business.

Non-partisan political speaker Jeff Bush received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration and Management with expertise in accounting and philosophy from William Jewell College and has used his strategic abilities and viral information to receive many industry awards, and leadership accolades. He takes much pride in helping others reach their personal and professional goals as well. From Main Street to Wall Street Jeff Bush provides his services for all kinds of clients. He has very many high-end clients such as MetLife, Bank of America, Prudential, SunTrust, Wells Fargo, and more. He provides all of his clients with the advice to prepare for upcoming political changes that would ultimately impact their bottom line.

Jeff Bush travels the country going over 200 presentations each year. He is also shared the stage with many notable individuals like Harold Ford Junior, Jeffrey Applegate, and Morgan Stanley. Jeff Bush gives his audiences a heads up on upcoming political changes, and even predicted two 2012 presidential election outcome a well 14 months before it occurred. He is also a colleague of Andy Friedman at The Washington Update which is a team of non-partisan experts on politics in Washington DC. Jeff Bush possesses the most knowledge and skill when it comes to our financial industry.

The facts prove that there is no better nonpartisan political speaker for your organization. He will definitely ignite an eagerness to learn more and be more prepared for political and tax changes. Your organization members would definitely leave his presentation highly inspired and motivated. He continues to build his great reputation of being one of the best and keynote speaking, and he can’t wait to help your organization stay prepared and grow. Get a hold of this wonderful and vital information by visiting today.

This content was written for Jeff Bush.

Your Number One Non-partisan Political Speaker

Do you need to get the members of your organization informed on how tax codes can change and affect your budget? Are you interested in how political presidential elections can affect your business? Do you also want to ignite an eagerness to better prepare for these changes in your organization? You should hire keynote non-partisan political Speaker Jeff Bush for your motivational keynote speaking needs. Visit his home website at today.

Jeff Bush is the number one consultant for business owners, executive teams, and investors who want to successfully and proactively prepare their organizations for success in our evolving marketplace. He is known for his unique skill and strands forming complicated political and tax information into useful every day strategies to help repair businesses for political and tax changes. He speaks on topics like the presidential election, non-partisan analysis of the political environment, tax reform, implications of the US fiscal environment, the affordable care act, and how all of these topics affect business and taxes. Jeff Bush goes straight to the facts and cuts out all of the unnecessary partisan baggage. He is definitely the right keynote speaker for your organization.

Jeff Bush uses video and PowerPoint presentations to reinforce important facts in his presentation. He is great at interacting with his audiences as he walks around the stage during his speech and takes questions and answers at the end to make sure he has satisfied his particular audience. All he needs is a screen, projector, and lapel microphone, and he will definitely intrigued the members of your organization. He will bring value to your clients and help reinforce the client relationships that already exist in your organization. Jeff Bush travels the country during over 200 presentations the year.

His client base consists of many heavy hitters such as MetLife, Prudential, SunTrust, Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Merrill Lynch, and many more. He is a very in high demand, non-partisan speaker as they are difficult to find in today’s political theater and economy. Jeff Bush leaves his audiences very motivated and inspired to promote preventative change in their organization. It is very important to the sense of your company to be able to smoothly transition through tax codes. Jeff Bush gives his audience a heads up on likely outcomes of future political deliberations in Washington DC this way they can better prepare for tax code changes.

Non-partisan political Speaker Jeff Bush is made himself the most knowledgeable and experienced advisor for your organization. Business owners, investors, and leaders enjoy and admire how Jeff Bush ignites his audiences with the useful simple information and interaction. He has received many awards and leadership accolades over the years and continues to provide the most vital political and tax information to his audiences. Get the members of your organization well-informed and prepared as well. To find out how to obtain this useful information visit today.