The Perfect Investing Speaker in Jeff Bush

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The Perfect Investing Speaker in Jeff Bush

You have an event coming up and you need someone to speak to your audience about investing? Do you want somebody that’s going to give the most insight and hold the attention of your audience? The best choice for your investing speaker is Jeff Bush. He holds a reputation as the best person for the job. To consider him a booking please call 866-230-1269 or go to

For your event you need someone that is great at keeping the attention of audiences, simplifying complicated information to be better understood by their audience, and keeping them entertained as well. Jeff Bush has been boasted as the best having the unique ability to break down difficult and confusing information and presenting it to the audience as simply as possible. His presentation brings value to his customers clients and reinforces existing client relationships. He’s great at providing practical and usable information that one can implement in their own lives and businesses. Listening to this guy can help make you millions.

Jeff Bush’s name for being absolutely timely, impartial, passionate, thought-provoking, informative, insightful, and extremely dynamic. Capturing the attention of his audiences and making them easier to want to learn more, he’d make sure his listeners stay on the edge of their seats. Doing more than 200 presentations he year for clients such as Merrill Lynch, Edward Jones, Prudential, and many others, he has built a reputation of being the best around the country. He is a 28 year veteran of the financial industry and has been speaking across the country for many years. He is also a licensed pilot and an Eagle Scout.

Jeff Bush has been said to be very educated and extremely civic-minded. He was responsible for serving at least 7500 financial advisors in Western United States with creative investment strategies and this was all during his 10 year career at Merrill Lynch. On top of managing a $50+ billion business and being the youngest managing partner at New England Financial, Jeff Bush Is a Founding Member of the Tulsa Air and Space Museum, an alumnae member of the Financial Advisory Network for the Experimental Aircraft Association, and a board member of Starbase Oklahoma. Jeff Bush certainly does his part to serve our community and does what he can to make businesses better.

So who better to be your investing speaker than the guy who has the most financial experience and the most knowledge of how to run and invest in very successful businesses. It’s quite obvious that there is no better speaker for the job in Jeff Bush. Get your clients energized and eager to learn more about investing by booking Jeff Bush as your event speaker. Let him break down the complicated information that your audience needs and simplify it to better fit their understanding. Let him inform and entertain your audience today. Visit or call 866-230-1269 today.